Design Your Wallpaper came from love..

It came from love of family.
It came from love of design.
It came from love of technology.
It came from love of wallpaper.

I'll explain...  My husband and I met at a wallcovering company in 2004.  He was the head designer, starting and growing the digital print side of the company.  I was a project manager and finishing my degree.  We worked together here and there, and it was there we fell in love.  He went on to designing for another company.  I went on to designing and project managing for a small software company.  We were both working too much, but it was just us so there was still plenty of time.  Then came our amazing little boy.  Somehow time sped up and it seemed there was less of it.  I was lucky enough to cut back on working, but my husband wasn't as lucky.  Then came our sweet baby girl.  There just wasn't enough time in the day and we both wanted to spend more of it with these sweet babies!  At the same time, my husband's domain aficionado best friend came across DesignYourWallpaper.com for sale and knowing our history made sure it was ours.  We put a lot into this, for the love of our family, hoping it will allow us to spend more time as a family.  We're also here because we love design, love technology and love wallpaper!

With this love it’s our mission to operate the best darn wallpaper website in the industry. One that offers unique and customizable wallpaper through Eco-friendly UV and Latex digital printing.  This technology allows us to offer designs that are unique to our website, easily customized and printed on the highest quality American made materials. We print all of our designs in house, no outsourcing, so we can control the quality control process and get you your wallpaper sooner! Our digital printing process also allows us to stay up to date with current trends to make sure our products help our customers transform any space into their own.

Take a look around and let us know what you think. Just know that what you see today is only the start.  We'll evolve every single day!


How Many Rolls Do I Need?

Trying to figure out how much DesignyourWallpaper.com wallpaper to order?

First, determine the square feet of each of the walls you want to DesignyourWallpaper.com. Measure the width and height of the wall then multiply those two numbers to give you the square feet. We recommend adding 15-20% to this number. Now divide your square feet number by 33.75 (all of our rolls are 33.75 square feet) to give you the number of rolls you need to order.

For example if you have a wall that is 10 feet wide by 9 feet tall the calculation would be:
9 x 10 = 90 square feet
90 + 20% = 108 square feet
108/33.75 = 3.2 or 4 rolls 


Now that you know how much wallpaper you need you can pick your design, paper and sample or roll quantity by clicking on "Shop By" below to sort & view all of the Wallpapers.com Wallpaper collections. Email hello@radfordgraphics.com to help with size & quantity on back-splash orders. 

Unsure if you want DesignyourWallpaper.com Wallpaper or Removable Wallpaper? No problem, click HERE to learn the difference and decide which suits your needs best.


If you still have questions please email hello@radfordgraphics.com before placing your order. Be sure to include the width and height of each wall you want to Wallpapers.com.